Thoughts over Coffee & French Music

I want to discuss the majority of what is going on inside of my brain. There has been a lot of blessings and commotion which has enabled me to change myself and to pursue my goals at maximum output. Breakthroughs, mistakes, and learning from these processes has implications; you learn and build from your pain and focus on what you can understand. These simple ideas or notions of living will be the hack to everyone’s life and we will all be free on this planet.

Ideas are like seeds or beans to plant and await for fruition. The more you plant now the more you will reap whenever the time arrives.

Music is a creative seed which can sprout ideas like a waterfall. The more complex, intricate, or layered the piece the more your brain can understand what it wants to say. Remember, you aren’t your brain. It is only a goal-achieving mechanism. I am beginning about art because I am currently listening to music on my earbuds in a coffee shop. I am absorbing my environment, peaking my curiosity, and appreciating everyone around me.

It’s time to speak about the blessings. It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 25, my grandmother’s birthday a week prior, with my mother’s birthday will be in a week. This is something that means the world to me because family matters more than friends, colleagues, business, or anything else in life. We need to understand that our legacy will continue along with love and property rights. Read this regarding family versus business in terms of long terms happiness. I believe both aspects matter equally because without one being good the other will dwindle away.

To focus on family or career? The choice is yours.

Enjoy the process! Just keep building, focus on what you can and cannot know, and be sure to help the helpless; this is the meaning of the universe. We must come together and build a sustainable future. Imagine your life is a puzzle that has only three pieces together. As life continues, we find more pieces, we continue building, and we put together what we can within a level a reason. This process must be seamless and simple with no effort because effort insinuates emotional output, but that usually isn’t always bad.

Moving on I want to speak about the commotion or pains I have experienced. I made mistakes just as every other human. A few weeks ago I ended up drinking and driving behind the wheel. I crashed my rental car, damaged other vehicles, then ended up being hauled away to jail. This was not the best experience but I have learned to be safer behind the wheel not only for myself but for others who may moving around on the street. There is nothing left to say but to continue forward.

The implications of my mistakes are something I am currently dealing with but I understand that the good Lord will heal me in these difficult times.

Method-based self image trumps feedback self image. If you continue to want feedback from others then it will be like a drug. You can only want more but if you focus on the process or the method then others will acknowledge you playing to win. There is no reason to continue trying to please yourself or others. No rushing. This will make your life better and better.

To better describe myself in terms of method based living I want to share something very important to you. This is my baby. This website is my business and I want the world to understand I can help people out of these uncertain times. Fort Worth SEO – This is my method or process of credibility. I have already achieved my goals, made over six figures per year, and live with the love of my life.


Idealizing and picturing the house you live in, the luxury car you drive, and the beautiful wife you wake up to is the key to freeing yourself, or myself. How do I walk, talk, and carry myself? I carry myself like a successful business-man, I care for my community, I educate others and free souls, but most importantly and firstly, I build on what I can know in order to achieve.

Build for your family, friends, and community. Help others understand what they do not know they don’t know. The standards and norms blind them but together we can bring happiness on the planet. I wholly-heartedly believe it.

Good Wellness, Internetnauts!

Greetings travelers of the web. I want to wish you a warm welcome to my blog website. This has been in the planning for many months now and has finally came to fruition. Thank the Lord for his blessings, wisdom, and knowledge he has bestowed upon the good, understanding, and kind. All is well and we wish the best for you as well. Until then enjoy this video on our friend,

All goodness and understanding,